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                                      BREAKING NEWS:                            HELEN ARGERS                          SELECTED   AS A FINALIST FOR POETRY   

                 Helen Argers who writes her poetry under another pseudonym (or Helen Archeris) was selected for her poem  "THE GAS MAN COMETH."   She is the only finalist from the state of New Jersey -- for the  Faulkner-Wisdom Poetry  Competition.   This news was reported in over seventeen newspapers on August 5, 2010. 

                    The poem is about a Holocaust Suvivor, Sam Silver, who finds himself in his old age in America being rescued from a new despair  by memories of his Holocaust past.   The poem is based on Helen's just completed new novel, featuring the conflict between Sam and Ms. Lou Randolph,  a dynamic African-American woman from social services.   Their conflict is what is so prevalent today between those who resent the very people they are hired to help and those who have only their pride left to keep enduring.   Until the two discover -- as the author says: "we are not our stereotypes, not black or white, Jewish or Christian, Moslem or Hispanic, young or old, female or male -- for in the end, everyone's horror is our own."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                     Helen's agent is currently accepting bids from several publishers for this novel.  

                    Part of it was based on Argers' Gold Medal winning Stage Play version that was performed both in New Jersey and in the Washington, DC area.   It was reviewed by the Washington Post, "A searing confrontation.   Riveting . . . fresh and something noble."   See  the play page on this website for photos from that stage production and more details about the play.

                    The number one hit recently on YouTube is a video of a Holocaust survivor dancing to the sound of "I Will Survive" on the sites of concentration camps where millions died.  That is an exuberant affirmation of survival which is similar to the essence of not only Helen's novel, but her original play and now -- this honored poem.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AS HELEN ARCHERIS  -- IN PREVIOUS YEARS HELEN WAS THE FIRST PLACE WINNER FOR POETRY IN  THE  PRESTIGIOUS NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN COMPETITION -- FOR TWO YEARS RUNNING.

These poems will also be placed on this page in the next weeks.  One is a poem, "THE CHAIR"  about a widow of a soldier who was killed in Iraq.   The other was  "The Deaf World"  about the world of sound.      For more details about Helen Argers' other awards for novels and short stories and her ten novels published by major pbulishers -- from Doubleday to HarperCollins to St. Martin's Press -- see those pages on this website.  Also see full reviews such as her being named "a talent of major magnitude" and compared to Jane Austen and Edith Wharton.     .                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Argers has a humor column in all seventeen Worrall newspapers, titled, "The Art of Laughter" for the last six years.  She has had articles published -- such as in the Star Ledger and has lectured at the New Jersey Historical Society, Newark Library and Seton Hall University.   She has had signings at book stores such as Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks and others -- not only in New Jersey but a libraries and book stores in other areas of the US such as Indianapolis.   Helen Argers appeared on television interviewed when her novel "The Gilded Lily" was published by St.Martin's Press.  

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  The poem is:  'A MOMENT IN WINTER' 

           If you don't like winter, read this poem and

           you might change your mind.   See the full poem

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